5 Take-A-Ways from SuperBowl 50

The game is over.  The dust has settled.  There has been time to digest the game, the commercials, and the post-game press conferences.  After further review, here are 5 take-a-ways from Super Bowl 50.


1.       High profile does not equal high return.

Peyton Manning entered Super Bowl 48 with all the hype you’d expect for the leader of the most prolific offense in NFL History.  The result: A loss to the Seahawks, scoring only 8 points. Cam Newton entered Super Bowl 50 with all the hype surrounding the league MVP and leader of the number one offense this year.  The result: A loss to the Broncos, scoring only 10 points.

2.       Know your strengths.

The Broncos strength was their defense.  This clear identity carried them through the difficult times during the season and helped drive them to their ultimate goal.  They did not try to become well-rounded by focusing on improving their offense. They relied on their strengths to propel them to become World Champions.

3.       Control the clock?

Carolina actually won the ‘time of possession’ battle - basically it means they had the ball longer.  It brings to mind one of my favorite quotes, ‘More isn’t always better.  Sometimes it’s just…more.’  It’s usually the one who makes the most of their time who profits rather than the one who takes the most time.

4.       The experience and the message must match.

The pre-game message was filled with hype and intrigue.  50 years of Super Bowl MVP’s.  Military jets flying in formation.  Lady Gaga.  Coldplay.  Beyoncé. Bruno Mars.  Peyton versus Cam.  Unfortunately, the experience didn’t match. This game was a dud - the textbook definition of boring.  Even the commercials lost their sizzle the longer the game progressed.  The message promised us excitement.  The actual experience - not so much.

5.       Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Peyton lost his last two Super Bowls (not to mention his fastball) coming into Super Bowl 50.  Despite the naysayers, he left a champion.  Cam came into the game winning, smiling, and dabbing his way to become the league MVP. Despite all the acclaim and support as he did it ‘his way’, he left Super Bowl 50 dejected, disappointed, and speechless. 

On-hold advertising is not high profile. In fact, many people don’t know what it is or why it’s important.  But, it does yield a high return for your customers because when they are on hold, your advertising is speaking right to them – every time.  Let your customer know you understand their needs, then share your strengths as their solution. Make the most of their time on-hold with a carefully crafted, professionally voiced campaign. That way their experience contacting you matches the message you used to attract them.  Just because you didn’t pay attention to this powerful medium in the past doesn’t mean you have to leave it that way.  Your past does not have to define you.  Learn from it, make adjustments, and grow.  These take-a-ways will work for Cam Newton.  They worked for Peyton Manning. More importantly, they can work for your business too.

Tom McTee, Super-Genius

Tom McTee