Achieve Your Top 3 Goals for 2019

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Even though your business was extremely busy during fourth quarter of last year, you managed to get away with your team to plan.  You know how important vision casting and goal setting are to continued success. The offsite meeting was fruitful.  From all the ideas shared from your senior leadership, you were able to narrow the focus of what you want to accomplish this year.  Your top 3 goals for 2019 are:

1.       Increase sales.

2.       Increase sales.

3.       Increase sales.

It’s a bit tongue in cheek, but when you boil down annual goals; it ultimately comes down to that.  How do we increase sales?  When you examine it further, the next question is just as vital – how do we keep our current customers happy while we go in search of new ones? 

The means to achieve your goals may not lie in the traditional and social media campaign you have planned for the year. As compelling as your new product has been through the beta-test phase, that may not be the answer either.  Actually, the secret to success is not as sexy as a new Lamborghini.  It’s more like a dependable old mini-van. 

The key to achieving your goals for 2019 can be summed up in two words:  Customer Service.

Here are some numbers worth noting. A survey by ClickFox showed that 52% of disgruntled customers will complain to family and friends, and 32% will stop doing business with a company that provided the terrible customer experience.  And, when these unhappy customers take to social media to vent their frustrations, 60 percent of consumers are influenced by these negative comments.

This type of brand-damage cannot be repaired by an ad campaign.  It must be fixed at the source.

As you review your customer service systems, be sure to include listening to your on-hold program (you know, that ‘thing’ your callers hear while waiting on hold).  Examining and upgrading your advertising and music that plays to callers placed on hold is an efficient, cost-effective solution to begin re-tooling your customer experience.  Traditional on-hold programs are boring, repetitive, and repetitive.  Quite frankly, that is not good enough for your customers.

At Woodstock Media Group, everything we do is designed to help your business grow by harnessing the power of your captive audience.  It is advertising on hold that is creative - educational as well as entertaining. Our creative on hold concepts are designed to engage your callers, reinforce your image, and shorten the perceived hold time.  Click Here and listen to what callers hear when they call US and are placed on hold.

Excellent customer service is the key to customer retention and increased sales.  It was as true in 1919 as it is in 2019. Take the first step to revamp your customer service system and achieve your goals in the New Year by including On-Hold Concepts.

Put US on hold in 2019.

Tom McTee, Super-Genius
On-Hold Concepts, Inc.
Woodstock Media Group

Tom McTee