Draft Dodgers

Seattle Seahawks are NFL Draft Dodgers

Rookie Mini-Camps are starting. The dust is finally settling around the hoopla known as the NFL Draft.  The ‘Chicken Littles’ of the NFL-World spent most of the pre-draft festivities shouting about the impending doom for each of the 32 Franchises.  Multitudes of Mock Drafts by ‘experts’ let you know EXACTLY which player should be taken by which team, in what round, and why.

These are the same experts who said Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III should be taken with the first overall pick in 2012 (he actually was the 2nd pick) and also mocked the Seattle Seahawks for drafting quarterback Russell Wilson in the third round who everybody KNOWS is too short to play the position. (Wilson already has a SuperBowl Victory under his belt. Griffin is out of the league).

I have to admit, for the most part, the predictions made by the experts regarding the draft are pretty accurate.  NFL franchises stick to the script and draft the player they are supposed to draft when they are supposed to draft them.

Except for the Seattle Seahawks.

Coach Pete Carroll and General Manager John Schneider have a refreshingly unpredictable approach to the NFL Draft. So much so that whenever they are on the clock, you have to tune in just to see what they will do.  I also have to admit, I love to hear the announcers squirm and adlib their way, unscripted, as their producers scramble to find a video package that coincides with the player the Hawks have chosen.

The rest of the teams in the draft are so predictable there is nothing compelling enough happening to hold my attention.

This principle got me thinking about the way most businesses approach their on hold advertising.  It is one of the most critical moments in their customer interaction - the moment they contact you.  It is the opportunity to reinforce your image, let alone your external marketing campaign.  Instead, what they hear is often automated, straight forward, predictable, and boring.

If you know what to expect, there is no reason to pay attention.  That’s why at On-Hold Concepts, we approach on hold advertising from a creative perspective, with advertising that is designed to engage and entertain as well as educate your callers. Information alone is not enough.  It is easy to tune-out a laundry list of products and services.  Too predictable.

Please understand, you don’t have to be zany, funny, or off the wall while considering a creative approach to your on-hold advertising. Quite frankly, that might not fit your clientele at all.

But, everyone loves a good story.

Like Shaquem Griffin. His left hand was amputated at the age of 4, yet he rejected the notion that he was ever at a disadvantage.  He played college football and was a dominant force on defense.  Still, he was not invited to the NFL combine initially. An oversight the NFL rectified after harsh criticism.  At the combine Shaquem turned heads with his speed (4.38 time in the 40-yard dash) and his strength (bench-pressing 225 lbs 20 times while using a prosthetic hand). None the less, the 'experts' discounted the idea that any team would consider drafting him. Their thought was that he might get a free-agent invitation to an NFL camp.  Maybe.

How poetic that he was drafted in the 5th round by the Seahawks and reunited with his twin brother Shaquill.  

The most effective on-hold advertising is approached with a story-teller mentality. Similar to noted world-building architects like Tolkien and contemporary authors like Grisham, we set the scene and create a welcoming environment that encourages each caller to enter into your story.

The Seahawks management created the architecture that produced back-to-back Super Bowl appearances and the first Lombardi Trophy in franchise history. Their story features unconventional drafting methods and finding value with players the traditionalists routinely overlook.  Their unpredictable nature makes them as compelling to watch on draft day as they are on the football field.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to reward customers for taking the time to contact you with a delightfully unpredictable approach to their on-hold experience?  That’s what is available to each of our customers every day.  On-Hold advertising that highlights the best your company has to offer in a creative story that makes each caller want to stay to the end to find out what happens next.

Put US on hold. Your story needs to be told.


Tom McTee, Super-Genius

Tom McTee