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The Seattle Mariners are hurting.  No, I’m not referring to the seventeen year playoff drought they (and we) have had to endure.  I’m addressing the fact that they have 4 outfielders on the major league roster.  Three of them are injured.  Go M’s.

Enter Ichiro.  In 2001, he was the centerpiece of the Mariners team that won 116 regular season games.  No team in the history of baseball had ever won more games.  Griffey was gone. So was Alex Rodriguez.  This rag-tag collection of players like David Bell and Scott Podsednik rounded out the roster along with Bret Boone, Jamie Moyer, and Edgar Martinez - who should be in the Hall of Fame.  Just sayin’.

On that team, Ichiro was the difference maker. Lightning fast on the bases, with a cannon of an arm in the field, and a rock-star entourage off it; he was the show in Seattle for the next 11 seasons.  That’s because 2001 was the last time the Mariners sniffed the playoffs, and he was truly the only game in town. In 2012 he left for greener pastures.

With the Mariners limping through Spring Training this year with only one healthy outfielder, they went looking for a dependable player who could come through day in and day out, with a track record of success, who they could get ‘on the cheap.’  The Mariners took a long hard look at their situation, knew they needed help, and were looking for an answer that could produce results immediately.  They don’t want to start over. They just need that extra piece of the puzzle to get them through this valley.

Enter Ichiro.

He just signed a one-year, major league contract with the Seattle Mariners, and is on his way back to Peoria, Arizona where his major league baseball career began.

You may be following this story.  You may be wondering how this story impacts you and your business.  Simple.  You aren’t getting the results you were expecting from your advertising campaign.  Promises of market saturation and return on investment have you wondering if you will ever see the results you had envisioned.  Just like Mariner fans, for you it’s been years of minor gains and major disappointments.  You are thinking of pulling the plug on your advertising. 


What you need is a dependable solution that can come through for you day in and day out with a track record of success that you can get ‘on the cheap.’  You need that extra puzzle piece to get you through this valley and begin producing results immediately.

Enter On-Hold Concepts. 

Advertising to callers placed on hold is the most cost effective tool in your overall marketing campaign.  It is the dependable yet inexpensive teammate that will come through in the clutch for you and your business every time.

Will Ichiro be able to help the Mariners return to the playoffs like he did in his rookie season?  We’ll have to wait and see.  Will On-Hold Concepts from Woodstock Media Group be the last piece in your marketing puzzle that will provide the results you are looking for with your marketing campaign?  Your customers are already waiting.  Put US on hold.

And see.

Tom McTee, Super-Genius

Tom McTee