Just Enough


These two words have been rattling around my thoughts for the past week or so. It all started when the Seattle Seahawks pummeled the Rams in Los Angeles.  Okay, maybe ‘pummeled’ isn’t exactly the right word.  The Hawks squeaked out a victory over a division foe that has had their number over the last few years.

All reports regarding the 16 – 10 victory were the same: The defense was dominant. The offense did just enough to win. I heard it over and over the week following the ‘decisive’ victory.  As an extra added bonus, I heard it the following week as well since the Seahawks were on a bye.  Heading into the season this team was considered one of the top 2 teams in the NFC.  But, now they are known as a team that can muster just enough to win.

Just enough.

You can’t build a successful business on ‘just enough.’  How can you hope to develop customer relationships and build the type of rapport necessary if all you do is ‘just enough’ to get the business.  There is a reason Jim Collins did not publish a best-selling book titled, ‘From Good to Just Enough.’  That sounds more like the history of Blockbuster Video than a blueprint for success.

Unfortunately, many businesses adopt the same philosophy when it comes to their callers who are placed on hold. Businesses do just enough so a caller knows that they haven’t been hung up on. Callers are treated to tones played in their ear or the default music provided by their VoIP telephone system. Now, I admit, it is ‘just enough’ to let callers know they are still on the line. But, is it enough, really?

Your callers are worth more than a ‘just enough’ effort after they have taken the time to call you.

Their call is important to you and their time is valuable. That is why it takes a championship effort on your behalf when planning your on-hold advertising campaign.  This ensures they receive a level of service that is more than enough and well above expectations.  I’m talking about the kind of experience that generates positive word-of-mouth and repeat business.

The Seahawks played the New York Giants this past Sunday and treated their devoted 12’s to another ‘just enough’ effort throughout the first half. Then something happened on the sidelines and behind the scenes at halftime that rekindled the type of effort which led to their Super Bowl Championship season.  The Hawks went on to actually pummel the Giants 24 – 7.

WMG specializes in professionally produced and creative on-hold advertising that will educate, entertain, and engage each caller placed on hold. We do the work on the sidelines and behind the scenes to help you develop the type of experience worthy of your biggest fans – your customers.

Contact us and we will put together a game plan for your on-hold advertising that will help you leave ‘just enough’ in the dust forever.

Plus, we give great locker room speeches.

Tom McTee, Super-Genius

Tom McTee