Stuck on the Tarmac

Waiting on hold is like being in a plane stuck on the tarmac.

Denver is everything I heard it would be.  Start with the awe-inspiring majesty of the Rocky Mountains. Add to that a boundless sky that stretches to the edge of forever.  And, don’t forget about the number of people with an affinity towards a recently legalized, aromatic hobby that fuels late-night runs to the store for Doritos.  My daughter was participating in a national softball tournament in Denver, so I flew in for a couple of days to enjoy watching her compete against some of the best high school athletes in the country.

It was a textbook perfect trip.  Right up until my return flight.

High winds delayed the incoming flight by 30 minutes, which delayed our boarding for 30 minutes after their arrival.  After we boarded the aircraft, the flight attendants closed the door in preparation for take-off.  The plane didn’t move. We sat there at the gate for an additional 30 minutes.  Our excitement at pushing back from the gate and taxiing toward the runway was short-lived.  We sat on the tarmac for another hour.  Just sitting there.  Waiting. You can imagine how frustrating the situation was.  And, wait until I tell you how the airline handled it... 


The gate staff, flight attendants, and pilot communicated with us regularly.  Every passenger was well informed, knew what was happening, and what to expect. This communication continued throughout our entire holding pattern.  Wi-Fi was enabled so people could be productive during the wait.

Entertainment channels were opened to turn the time spent waiting into a more enjoyable experience.

The similarity between the service we received during this delay and the level of service provided by On-Hold Concepts was striking. 

Our approach to on-hold advertising follows those same tenets.  We ensure each caller is communicated with while placed on hold; that they are well informed, and know what to expect when a representative returns to their call. To lessen the perceived wait and to make the time more productive, we strive to take a creative and entertaining approach with the advertising messages we provide - to make your caller’s time spent on hold a more enjoyable experience.

I know the airline handled this situation well because of the results.  When we reached the gate, they asked everyone to remain seated except those hurrying to make connecting flights. For the first time in my flying experience, everyone remained seated; except for those hurrying to make their connection.  Conversations were cordial with those who remained and encouraging toward those rushing off in hopes of making their next flight. 

Weary travelers, forced to wait, do so without extra frustration and a side order of anger. Instead, they respond positively. This happened on the plane back from Denver. It also happens while callers wait on hold listening to advertising provided by On-Hold Concepts.

Communication.  Entertainment.  Productivity. 

These three ingredients work - on the tarmac and while your callers wait on hold.

Just another reason you need to put US on hold.

Tom McTee, Super-Genius

Tom McTee