The All-Star Game

It’s All-Star week, a much needed break in professional baseball.  The All-Star Game is a chance for fans to see all of their favorite players in one place. These are the best players at their position, and being named to the All-Star team is a tremendous honor.  It means that they are the one player who can be depended upon to deliver in the clutch – every time.


What a fantastic opportunity. Getting to see all-star players like second baseman Ildemaro Vargas, catcher Victor Caratini, and pitcher Jean Machi.

What do you mean you’ve never heard of them?  Each of them has been named to the All-Star Team this year… for the 2017 AAA All-Star Game at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma, Washington.

That’s right. Minor League Baseball has an All-Star Game with everything you’ve come to expect from the mid-summer classic. Media day?  Check.  Home Run Derby? Oh, yes. The best players in the league battling it out in the All-Star Game? Of course.

Just because these players don’t register with top of mind awareness for you does not diminish their productivity. These all-stars are getting it done. Heading into the break, Vargas is hitting .305 with a .795 OPS, Caratini has a .957 fielding percentage, and Machi has a 1.17 ERA.

When it comes to advertising, many businesses get caught up in focusing on ‘major league’ marketing venues like TV, radio, and print. Those are all excellent vehicles for getting the word out about your business.  However, it is the ‘minor league’ marketing vehicles like on hold advertising where you lay the foundation of sustainable success for your business.

On-Hold Concepts from WMG leads the league in batting average by reinforcing your image with professionally produced and creative on hold advertising programs Like this one:

It is said in baseball that no one bats 1.000, but on hold advertising does.  It reinforces your image with every caller, every time. 

This ‘Cal Ripken’ of your marketing team never has an off-day or needs a day off. On hold advertising is the iron man that continues to produce, day in and day out, at an all-star level for you and for your customers.

In baseball, teams who try to win by focusing only on filling their roster with the biggest names in the major leagues end up with nothing but an astronomical payroll and a mortgaged future.  The Yankees have proven the futility of that approach this decade.  Developing a solid minor league system is the key to sustainable success in baseball and in business.

Enjoy the All-Star Break.  Then take a serious look at your minor league system.  If you are serious about building for the future, there is only one name you need to remember: Theo Epstein.

But, if you want to treat your callers to all-star service every time they call, contact On-Hold Concepts and put US on hold.

Tom McTee, Super-Genius

Tom McTee