The Little Things

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It is amazing how the phrase rolls off our tongues in a manner that emphasizes the inherent truth of the statement. ‘It’s the little things that count.’  We say it like we mean it but then our actions don’t follow suit.  ‘Customer Service is our number one priority.’  ‘We stand behind our product with a money back guarantee.’  ‘Your call is important to us. We’ll be right with you.’

If businesses truly believe those statements then why do we have such negative experiences?  The bar is set so low for service that we get excited when a business actually gets our order right. We’ve all had to jump through so many hoops to receive the ‘guarantee’ that we ultimately decide it’s not worth the effort.  And, really now, if my call is so important to you - why subject me to the free music provided by your VoIP phone system that is better suited to a 70’s porn flick than the credit union I just called.                                                                      

It just doesn’t make sense.

Maybe we take our customers for granted.  Or, perhaps our experiences have been so negative for so long that we no longer expect excellence. We have been desensitized to such a degree that mediocrity has somehow become an acceptable practice and we expect nothing more.

It could be as simple as we put so much emphasis on the ‘big things’ that we secretly hope no one notices the little things – or the fact that little things like customer service are handled poorly.  Or perhaps we just don’t know what excellence is and therefore have no idea how to provide it.

 ‘Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.’  Booker T. Washington

This makes sense to me. 

It is amazing how great leaders from the history of our nation have a way of boiling principles down to their essence in such a way that makes them both understandable AND achievable.  When it comes to reinforcing your image on-hold, we believe the barometer should be set for excellence. This is why we approach such a common ‘little thing’ as your on-hold advertising from such a different perspective.  It is uncommon, creative, refreshing, and effective.  Here – give a listen.

At Woodstock Media Group we believe everything we do will help your business grow by harnessing the power of your captive audience. We invest the extra time necessary to elevate something as common as your on-hold program because we know that customer service is your number one priority; that you stand behind your product, and you appreciate the importance of each call you receive.

That’s why we reach out to you so often to help you update your advertising on hold and offer creative options to educate, entertain, and engage each caller.  We know your focus is on running your business and helping your customers enjoy the benefits of the products and services you provide.  Think of us as your personal assistant whose job it is to take care of the ‘little things’ with excellence.

It’s just another reason to put US on hold.

Tom McTee, Super-Genius
On-Hold Concepts, Inc.
Woodstock Media Group

Tom McTee