Click-it Audio


Grab the attention of your visitors.
Easily embed audio on your website, blog or printed material.

Click-It Audio for your Website or Blog


Add content to your site without the clutter.
Here, give it a try:


  • Integrates seamlessly into your website or blog.

  • Non-invasive and non-intrusive.

  • Simple implementation, no coding required.

  • Multiple positioning options for the Click-It Audio Icon.

  • Users Click-it once to play and again to pause.

Click-It Audio for your Print Media or Signage

Click Image for Brochure

Click Image for Brochure

Add audio to your printed materials with a Click-It Audio QR Code.
Here, Scan it to give it a try:


  • QR Codes are generated for you automatically.

  • Integrates seamlessly with Photoshop or other design software applications.

  • Potential uses include: Menus, brochures, displays, signs, and more.

  • Users scan the code with their mobile device to hear the audio while on the go.

Bring your marketing materials to life.
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