Lessons From LII

What a great game! Super Bowl 52 was a spectacle; starting with Pink and ending with Gronk.  Seeing Tom Brady’s final pass to Rob Gronkowski fall incomplete in the end zone to secure victory for the Philadelphia Eagles brought tremendous joy to every city in America.

Except Boston.

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Out of the many story lines that percolated through the post-season and surrounded this NFL Championship Game, three lessons emerged :

  1. Setbacks are also opportunities.
  2. Stay aggressive.
  3. An unknown commodity can be your most valuable asset.

Setbacks are also opportunities.
Carson Wentz was having an MVP caliber season as the starting quarterback for the Eagles. In week 14 he tore his ACL and was lost for the rest of the season. Hope for a championship run lay on the turf with him. Enter journeyman back-up quarterback, Nick Foles. After a slow start, Foles ignited the offense and brought the first ever Super Bowl Championship trophy home to the city of Philadelphia.

Stay aggressive.
Falcons Coach Dan Quinn had a commanding lead through the 3rd quarter of Super Bowl 51.  He took his foot off the gas and the New England Patriots raced past him to secure their 5th championship.  Philadelphia Head Coach Doug Pederson would have none of that. His aggressive play calling in this year’s Super Bowl secured the victory for the Eagles – none better than the ‘Philly Special’ which will go down in history as the play of the game.

An unknown commodity can be your most valuable asset.
Case Keenum. Blake Bortles. Nick Foles.  This was the year of the unknown commodity quarterback.  These three virtual unknowns led their teams to the conference championship game.  Oh, and the fourth quarterback was Tom Brady. He started his career as a no name back-up who took the place of their injured Pro-Bowl Quarterback.  Nick Foles is no longer unknown.  For the rest of his life, he will be known as a Super Bowl MVP.

These three lessons can also be applied in your business.  Having to put callers on hold can be viewed as a setback.  Successful business owners view it as an opportunity to advertise directly to a potential customer.  Some businesses make the mistake of thinking that since we have the lead we can relax a little. They 'coast' with their callers placed on hold by using the default music provided by their VoIP phone system.  Stay aggressive.  Be creative.  Make the most of this time or sit back and watch as the competition races past you.

Let’s face it. Many still view on-hold advertising as the ‘Blake Bortles’ of their overall marketing strategy.  But, on-hold advertising is the unknown commodity that can be your most valuable asset during the final step in the advertising cycle.  Your external campaign has done its job – a prospect has contacted you. This is the time to shine. On-Hold Concepts from Woodstock Media Group creates an opportunity for you to reinforce your image and connect personally with every call. Take advantage of this powerful marketing tool that you already own.

Put US on hold.

And Fly, Eagles, Fly!

Tom McTee, Super-Genius

Tom McTee