Click-it audio

Click-It Audio is an online tool that allows you to integrate audio in a seamless but unique way.Add simple audio buttons to your website by embedding a snippet of code that will play with 1-click.Click-It Audio allows you to create audio, manage your recordings, and even create QR codes with audio attached. Generate a QR code to print on business cards, restaurant menus, and more!
Add depth and detail to your next project with Click-It Audio.

Integrates audio seamlessly into your website or blog!

Non-invasive, non-intrusive. By embedding a small code snippet into your website or blog you can use our simple audio player button.

Click-It once to play. Click-It again to pause.

Generate a QR code for your audio embeds.

Adding an audio embed QR code to your print projects allows you to add extra depth and provide additional information to the viewer.

Scan-It. Click-It. Play-It.

It is that easy!


Endless options for QR code audio embeds!

QR code audio embeds allow you to add depth and detail to your print needs.

Perfect for business cards, posters, signs and much more!

QR Code Options.png