Click-It Starter Bundle

Click-It Starter Bundle


Click-It Audio Starter Bundle provides you with an annual license for ten (10) Click-It digital audio containers and a three-pack of Professional Voice Recordings.

Recordings are licensed for website use or print advertising ONLY.

The process is easy.

  1. Listen to samples of our voice artists to find the right fit for you.
    (Click on the image below for samples)

  2. Once you have found the right voice, return to this screen and click ADD TO CART.

  3. Fill out the form

Simply provide the name of the artist(s) you selected, the desired tone/style for the recording, and the script for each message. Limit each script to 150 words.

Thank you.

Add To Cart

Professional voice artists make all the difference when adding audio to your website.
Inflection, tone, image. These are all reinforced with the right voice delivered the right way.
Click on the image below to hear samples of our Voice Artists.

The fast and easy way to add audio to your website or blog is with Click-It Audio. Click the icon below and give it a test drive.

Click-It to play. Click-It again to pause.